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11 Sep 2023 um 21:45 Pizza was cold and like gummy, but I know futura and pizza is good, problem was from delivery, the guy came without box. So of course my dinner was cold and ruined...
20 Aug 2023 um 20:51 Die Pizza war super. Kam aber leider viel zu spät und dementsprechend kalt bei uns an. Im FoodTracker konnten wir sehen das der Fahrer zwei Abstecher gemacht hat die ganz und gar nichts mit der Route zu tun hatten. Frust statt Essenslust!
31 Jul 2023 um 0:22 The courier took two stops before bringing my food, and the pizza arrived cold. Moreover, all of the spice was only shifted on one side. The pizza box most likely fell off.
18 Jul 2023 um 22:26 excellent pizza, but squeezed a little in one corner of the box and no longer warm…had to reheat it.
7 Jul 2023 um 19:30 Great Pizza quick delivery, but the tiramisu was tiny and at best mediocre, 6€ is definitely way overpriced
29 Jun 2023 um 22:00 I received a pizza that I had not ordered. I have allergies to some ingredients in the pizza that was sent to me and I could not eat it. 22 Euros down the drain. Because pizzas are not cheap :(
26 Jun 2023 um 8:05 Gute Zutaten!
23 Jun 2023 um 22:06 Cood nice. Unfortunately cold
4 Jun 2023 um 22:22 The pizza was nice, but it was delivered quite cold and it had fallen to the side of the box
2 Jun 2023 um 23:08 Great pizza as usual, but the delivery guy took ages running around the house and carried the pizza vertical... everything slid to one side. a great mess.
18 Apr 2023 um 17:53 The pizza is average, but for the price it costs is bad. The pistachio tiramisù is worth 1,50-2,00, both small and clearly mass production. There's nothing Italian about this place, specially not napoletano.
30 Mär 2023 um 20:16 As an Italian, one of the best pizzas in Berlin!!!!!