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13 Jan 2022 um 23:01 2 hours for ice cold pizza.
13 Jan 2022 um 13:12 If I could give a 0 to this order I would. Pizza arrived in 1.5 h and it was so cold it was disgusting. In order to eat it I had to put it in the oven.. Next time I will do it myself
9 Jan 2022 um 21:40 Pizza arrived COLD after 1,5 hour while the expected time was 50 min.
4 Jan 2022 um 9:02 Pizza arrived ice cold, very disappointed.
23 Dez 2021 um 8:09 Die Pizza kam nun schon zum zweiten Mal kalt an, sehr schade.
22 Dez 2021 um 20:30 Had ordered at 17:00 for 18:00 got it at 19:30 COLD!
22 Dez 2021 um 20:12 Super lecker
21 Dez 2021 um 7:20 Die Pizza kam komplett kalt an, werden zukünftig nur noch direkt hingehen. Normalerweise 5 Sterne fürs Essen aber der Service vor Ort ist deutlich besser.
15 Dez 2021 um 22:39 Liferung didnt come and they cancelled the liferung 2 hours after the buy. Liferando didnt answer the phone to explain why. So you shouldnt provide a service that doesnt work.
14 Dez 2021 um 21:14 Beste Pizza :) Bis demnächst.
12 Dez 2021 um 21:50 My divert came super late!! Because of a liferando mistake I got my pizza after 90 minutes!!
9 Dez 2021 um 9:34 Extremely well crafted pizza, first rate ingredients. If you order a pizza t be delivered, in winter, in Berlin .... Please do expect the pizza will be a bit cold when you get it delivered at your safe, warm home. Light the oven and rewarm it, my advice.